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How to Place XML Files on the SD /Device Memory

Within the BBGPSGolf application Click the menu button and select Options:


Then change the Connection Method to XML files on SD Card





Exit the options and Save the changes.




This will create a BBGPSGolf folder on the root of your SD card as you can see in the below screen shot:



Now you need to create your custom course.xml file. If you would like to know everything about creating the course.xml file then please read the following forum post: http://www.bbgpsgolf.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16


If you login to the web site:




And then click on My Courses. Then select the courses you want:



And then click Update Courses button. This will do two things for you. One if you change your Searcy By option within BBGPSGolf to Download My Courses then it will just download the courses you selected (note this option only shows up if you have a user name and password filled in). Theother thing it does is lets you build a custom course.xml file.


Now just click on the My custom course.xml menu item on the left within the web site:


That will load up the next screen.



From here you can right click on the courses selected, and select Save Target As,.. or if you use Chrom you can select Save link as...


You will need to place the xml files within the BBGPSGolf folder on the root folder of your SD card / Device Memory.


Then you will need to Click the Highlight Text button and then copy and past the data into notepad.exe and save it as course.xml within the BBGPSGolf folder on the root folder of your SD card / Device Memory.




So here you can see that I pasted the data into notepad.exe and now I am saving it within the BBGPSGolf folder on my device.





So when I was all done this is what my BBGPSGolf folder looked like:





Last Modified 06/19/09 08:30 PM


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