A FREE BlackBerry GPS Golf Application

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When you click on the find courses it will go to the server and download the master course list in xml format.

Then it will parse the xml file and give you a list of all of the Golf Courses within the database.

Then when you select a course it will go download that courses xml information that has been entered online and you can then start playing golf with the GPS cords that have been configured on the web site.

The more courses data that get added the more options you are going to have.

I used the 4.5 JDE to build this application. You might want to have 4.5 hh code installed on your GPS enabled device.

Last Modified 09/15/09 03:56 PM

Donations are an excellent way to get new features and bugs fixed added to the application. I started building this application for fun and would like to keep it free. Income generated by the banner ads is not always enough to cover the cost of maintaining the site, so donations help in a big way. Please consider making a donation or just click on one of the banner ads to help out. Thanks!


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